Our story is made of alabaster



La Vena di Vino is a wine and spirits bar of Volterra.

For 20 years a place to share emotions and friendships.

Today producer of five unique spirits in their characteristics: Gin, Vermouth, Bitter, Amaro 21, and Albatro.





To those who love to savor life with proverbial slowness and authentic passion.

La Vena di Vino was born in 2001 from an idea of Lucio and Bruno who created the bar inspired by the spirit of ancient wine shops.

The historic cellars host wine tastings as well as cultural and musical events.

Over the years it has become a safe landing place for the many travelers who stop by on the advice of well-known travel guides.

Rick Steves, Le Routard, Rough Guides, Lonely Planet, Osterie d’Italia, Muller Guide are just a few of them.

La Vena di Vino is also a milestone for local customers.

Definitely, the place you won’t miss if you are looking for the pure and real local taste!

For 20 years we have been committed to transmitting the heritage of our territory to the future


We like to say “our story is made of alabaster and north wind”, two strong characteristics of Volterra.

It is a story that we protect by transmitting warmth, openness, and authenticity to anyone we have the privilege of welcoming into our shop.

This was the heart of the old alabaster tradition, and it is the engine that continues to guide our business today.

vermouth toscano la vena di vino

“La Vena di Vino”: where our name comes from

The story of our name comes from a story of an alabaster: Nene di Mondo.

It is said that one day, Nene, who was working in his shop, smelled an insistent scent of wine in the air. Amazed he realized that a trickle of red wine came out of the wall.

It is well known that in some buildings in medieval Volterra, basements were used to keep the wine and oil collections in huge barrels. Apparently, one of these barrels broke making the precious liquid coming out from a crack in the wall.

Nene at the sight of that red stream threw himself on the ground and with the alabaster dust he built a dam to store that precious liquid. Naturally, he made sure that it was real wine and then he went out of the shop and started running along Via di Sotto, shouting out loud: Come on! Come on! I discovered the vein!

Other alabasters who worked nearby came out of their shops called by Nene’s shouting and eventually, wondering if their friend had not lost his mind.

Unfortunately, one of them won this run. “Costoloni” was the first one to arrive at Nene’s shop and he drank all the wine left.


This is a nice story of the epic times of Volterra that we like to keep alive.

Commemorating the spirit of alabaster’artisans we decided to call our place “La Vena di Vino” , the vein of wine.


We had the idea of setting up an exhibition of bras talking to Mister George Puskar, who came from Florida to tour our countryside by bike. He told us how La Vena di Vino reminded him of a bar of his childhood in Pennsylvania. This place was run by an Italian called “Chiodo” who use to try to convince customers to leave their bras which ended up sticking the bar ceiling.

Thus, what started out as a temporary exhibition in 2005 has turned into a permanent tradition.


donna vena di vino

Il Ponce: From Livorno to Volterra

“Il Ponce” is an alcoholic drink born in Livorno between the 17th and 18th centuries brought to the city from a British community.

At the beginning of the 19th century “Il Ponce” was already loved by everyone in Volterra. It might be because Volterra gets really cold in winter but holding a hot Ponce in our hands after dinner is one of our biggest pride.

And there is no better place to have it if not at La Vena di Vino!

Come and try it out!

“Le Distillerie”

our cultural partner

Our essential cultural partner, “Le Distillerie” works on different creatives sides. Production materials include photography, video-making, recording, visual, and writing story-telling characterized by an independent and free perspective.

where to find us

Via Don Giovanni Minzoni, 30, 56048, Volterra, (Pi), Italy

Open Monday to Sunday

11.00am – 00.00am


Closed on Tuesday




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