The “Spiriti del Bosco”

Gin, Vermouth, Bitter, Albatro, Amaro 21

Spiriti del Bosco, (Spirits of the Wood) is our alcoholic collection.

We have committed ourselves to the creation of five unique spirits which especially remind of Volterra’s heritage and tradition.

During recent research, in fact, we discovered that there was a distillery in the Berignone forest where Gin was produced since 1860.

Nobody knew this story though.

His memory had been lost over time, despite that Gin had even been exhibited in London in 1862.

The Spirits of the Wood were born from the desire to preserve this heritage.

From the love for our territory and the desire to pass on its historical memory to the future.

It is a small production whose ingredients are selected with care and meticulousness in the land of the Alta Val di Cecina.

Our Collection


Infusion of bitter and sweet orange, Roman wormwood, angostura, cinnamon, Chinese rhubarb, thyme, and hypericum harvested in the Protected Natural Reserves of the Alta Val di Cecina. Symbol of departing steamboats and cultural exchanges. Perfect as an aperitif and eclectic in mixing.


Strawberry tree liquor

Spirit of the Wood 1.

From the 2019 harvest. It is an alcoholic infusion with the fruits of Arbutus Unedo, the strawberry tree of the Protected Natural Reserves of the Alta Val di Cecina.

Perfect to be enjoyed as natural as it is or adding a spoon in the Gin Tonic.


The Tuscan Vermouth is made with Trebbiano wine from Chianti with a little alcohol and sugar. Lots of wormwoods, infusion of sweet orange, vanilla, licorice, cumin, cardamom, cloves, cinchona, common thyme, cinnamon, nutmeg, lemon, gentian, juniper berries, myrtle, and other fruits collected in the Protected Natural Reserves of the Alta Val di Cecina. Perfect ad an aperitif and digestive.


Gin Toscano is produced with the “distilled gin” method.

The juniper berries we personally collect in the Protected Natural Reserves of the Alta Val di Cecina are distilled with black pepper, cardamom, sage, coriander, and other botanicals.

The flavor characterizes the union between Tuscany, the Mediterranean, reminding to the scents of distant landings.

Amaro 21

Amaro 21 is an ancient alcoholic remedy used by the grocers of the past. Alcoholic infusion of herbs and roots including cinchona bark, bitter orange, licorice root, cardamom, gentian, angelica, Chinese rhubarb root, quassio, juniper berries collected by us in the Protected Natural Reserves of the Alta Val di Cecina.

It is aged in oak barrels for about six months.


Combining our liquors collection you can prepare these cocktails


3 cl of Gin Toscano, 3 cl of Bitter Toscano, 3 cl of Vermut Toscano, ice cubes, an orange slice.

Gin Tonic

1/3 Gin Toscano, 2/3 Tonic water from Val d’Orcia, ice cubes, a lemon slice.


3 cl of Vermut Toscano, 3 cl of Bitter Toscano, a sparkling water sprout, ice cubes, an orange slice.

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